my ultimate furniture wishlist part 2: sofas

The Box Sofa by De La Espada from Hive Modern is the ultimate sofa I could just look at all day long. I love the use of wood and all the right angles. It's just gorgeous. Pardon me while I salivate...

The Florence Knoll sofa also from Hive Modern might be the one I could actually live with (if I could afford it). It looks comfortable while still maintaining modern elegance. I would love it in this warm white leather. Leather couches are best for people with dogs–esp. those who are allergic to dust. Leather = no dust or pet hair inside the cushions! 

The Wells leather sofa by Room & Board is another very strong contender. Again, modern elegance without sacrificing comfort. If it came in a warm white leather, I would totally get it. Although, the camel color is totally right up my alley too. Yum.