nesting tables = necklace

Clearly, I am partial to beautiful things made of wood. It's a major decorative element in my apartment. For instance, I've had these West Elm nesting tables for a few years now. (A flexible coffee table set up is great when you have a dog)

During the early fall of '08, I stumbled upon this gorgeous wood necklace by local Brooklyn designer, Erica Weiner, at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene.  

So it dawned on me the other day that: 

a) I found at least one way to wear decorative elements I like from my apt. 

b) I'm so predictable but...  

c) At least I'm consistent. 


Here's the necklace on Erica Weiner's Etsy shop. I had the necklace length customized (and the price was nicer at the Brooklyn Flea!)