a quick look at modern rattan chairs

Rattan furniture has come a long way since those (painted) white and very 70s peacock chairs I remember seeing everywhere during my early childhood in the Philippines. In tropical countries outdoor and indoor furniture can be interchangeable. So it wasn't unusual to decorate one's indoor spaces with outdoor furniture. 

Designers are pushing and rethinking the potential of the material. They are sleeker than ever. I spotted these gorgeous B&B Italia chairs on Apartmenttherapy this week and I decided to look around a little to see what else is out there...

This one from the Repro Furniture Company in the UK is French Baroque meets the tropics.  The unexpected combination somehow works here. 

These are by a company called MOSS Outdoor and are designed by Kenneth Cobonpue who is originally from the Philippines. The chairs are handmade in Cebu, Philippines. I find it interesting that the first chair is part of a collection called "Lolah". The word Lola means grandmother in Tagalog (the main Philippine dialect). I happen to associate rattan furniture with my grandmothers, so I found it quite aptly named. However, these look nothing like the ones I remember from my Lola's house!

I snapped these during my stay (with Lexie) at The Standard Miami in December of 07. They were very cozy, especially at night when the fire was lit in the middle of the cabanas ;) My smiling dog's face kind of says it all.