speaking of color...

As a designer, I am always hyper aware of not only color but also color palettes in my immediate surroundings, when traveling, in magazines, film—everywhere. When it comes to clothing, I tend to go mostly monochromatic or a neutral palette with only occasional touches of bright. That's my comfort zone. For this reason, it's easy for me to get stuck in a color rut when it comes to my work. So what helps me think outside my usual color suspects? Here are some of the best sites I rely on for inspiration:

Adobe's color inspiration site is where users can not only browse an endless selection, anyone can generate their own original palettes. This site is my favorite! This palette is aptly named "Boy Scout." 
The global authority on color comes out with trend reports each fashion season based on several designers' collections. Download the Pantone Color Report: Spring 2009 here. They also select a color to represent each year. This year's Color of the Year is 'Mimosa'.

3) Wear Palettes
A Swiss graphic design student came up with this fun blog/site. Color palettes are created based on photographs from fashion, celebrities, etc. I absolutely love to see color this way!

This is another fun, user-generated site that I like to visit. Here both color and pattern are featured. I appreciate all the blog posts and discussions about color. Some delve into cultural or historical significance of color and pattern, some discuss color trends, etc.