caramelized black pepper chicken love

Vietnamese food rocks my world. I love this quick, easy and flavour-packed recipe from GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow's weekly newsletter. In fact, I've made this several times already. It was lifted from Food & Wine magazine and it's by chef Charles Phan who runs Slanted Door, a great Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco. My variation of this recipe uses less sugar and fish sauce. I also like to marinate the chicken in the sauce ingredients for at least a half an hour before I stir fry – this gives the breast meat the chance to absorb more flavour.  Most importantly, I top the dish with a TON of fresh cilantro before I devour it! Just thinking about this is making me salivate. I'm looking forward to making this again... tomorrow night. 

View or download the recipe here (scroll down to the bottom).