eric blum

I was mesmerized by Eric Blum's work even before I saw his work in person. I loved it even more after I learned more about his process and his point of view. These abstract watercolor paintings on paper or silk with multiple layers of beeswax added on top. The artist works with the paintings flat on a work table, carefully pouring thin layers of wax over a period of time (sometimes months) achieving this depth that is uniquely sensuous, dream-like and translucent. Needless to say, some of the larger pieces can weigh well over a hundred pounds by the time they're completed.  

During a studio visit last year, I asked Eric Blum about his work and also shared my own thoughts with him. I pointed out one of my favourites (directly below) because it reminded me of a street in Paris at night (my favourite city after NY, after all, is "The City of Lights") when viewed through a misty car window. I was fascinated to learn that he actually used to be a photographer and the evolution of his work to where it is now has much to do with the type of photographs he always wanted to take. They are all about light! 

What I love most about these paintings is that it allows the viewer to impose their personal story of what each one might be about. There is a seductive, cinematic quality to his paintings that makes me want to get completely lost in them...