wishing for spring: look 2 (black, white + bright)


I never used to like wearing black and white together but a recent purchase made me a convert. I like it with a bright splash of color. Again, given an unlimited budget, here's another ensemble I would love to wear this spring. 

THE DRESS: The BCBG V-neck floral minidress – I love the balance of short yet covered up. A defined waistline is key for me. I can't do the floaty/boxy look that's so big these days. It always guaranteed to look unflattering on curvy women like myself (at least up top). 

THE NECKLACE: My own coral red waterfall necklace (that's my sister in the photo, btw). These necklaces are painstakingly handmade by tribal women in the southern part of the Philippines. It comes in an even more dramatic eight layer version too. But for this outfit, I think the three layer is just right.* 

*If you are interested in this necklace, please let me know! I sell them and have only a few left in a couple of colors in both lengths. The red one in the eight layer is no longer available. 

THE BAG: This is also my own Lorelei Sloan crinkle patent clutch. I snagged it for a fraction of the retail price on Gilt Group a couple of months ago. It unfolds as a small tote too. Very sexy. Btw, if you are interested in signing up for Gilt Group, PLEASE let me invite you! (send me your email address!)

THE SHOE: I absolutely LOVE this Theory Vidar Crisscross high-heeled sandal from Shopbop.com. It's bold, clean and modern. I must find a way to have these!