alain de botton's new book out in april!

I am so excited to learn that my favorite author has a new book coming out in April entitled The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work. It's been a while since his last book, The Architecture of Happiness (which I also really loved) came out. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago had a conversation with a friend about Alain de Botton and wondered when he would come out with another book. Here is an excerpt from his new book. I've already placed an order for it on Amazon (UK). 

Never have I been more enthralled and exhilarated by another writers work (both his essays AND novels). His work is always very insightful and very intelligent. I love the unique way he uses visual diagrams as a way to break down his ideas and concepts. I have never been more inspired by another author's work. I can't say enough about it. In fact, I was so excited to hear about his last book that I had a friend in London purchase and send me a copy because I could not wait for it's American release! My favourite novels of his are: On Love (Essays on Love, UK), The Romantic Movement, and favourite essays: The Architecture of Happiness, The Art of Travel.