my prefab dream

I love periodically looking at my prefab eco-friendly dream home. This is the first building by California-based company, Living Homes and was designed by Ray Kappe. When I find a perfect plot of land of my own one day, I will have this built as my home. The warm modernist design that Ray Kappe is known for is exactly what I love. Everything in the house is built with sustainable materials and energy systems. It also costs less than one would imagine too. Mostly, it is just gorgeous. No one would ever guess that this entire building was built in a factory. If this were my home, I would choose a few more mid-century modern pieces of furniture and blend a few Asian antiques into the mix. This would add more warmth as well as a clean yet lived-in quality to the rooms. I absolutely love the indoor garden. It reminds me of many homes in the Philippines that incorporated the outside – inside. day! 

Watch the room by room demo here.