move over haagen dazs

Blue Marble is officially the best ice cream this side of the pond, at least. Berthillon in Paris is pretty damn hard to beat. But BM is seriously the best ice cream around these parts. Everything is organic, they support fair trade practices, they keep it local and use eco-friendly packaging and utensils. If you like ice cream that isn't sickeningly sweet and sugary, you will love BM. It's the kind of treat you'll want to eat very slowly... One decadent spoonful at a time. I have to mention too that I love their visual identity. Adorable and modern.

The store is also dangerously close to my place too... only a block away! I purchased a pint of my favorite flavor, Dulce de Leche, this weekend. I allow myself a couple of tiny scoops everyday... keeping in mind that summer will be here in no time.