a single man and his house

I was so impressed with Tom Ford's A Single Man. I saw it last night. An impeccably dresses Colin Firth delivered an amazing performance – worthy of the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival and recent Golden Globe nod. The film was so well done. Much respect to Tom Ford for his direction, screenplay writing of the film. WOW. There was also a lot of eye candy (mostly male), some well-framed shots showcasing beautiful clothing and faces (of course) and beautiful cinematography. I loved the subtle (and selective) taking away and adding of color saturation depending on the mood of Colin Firth's character. Interesting that women were almost always shown in full color saturation. Anyway, such a gorgeous film and love story.

One element of the film that I really appreciated was the house that Colin Firth's character (George) and his lover lived in. My jaws dropped during the first few scenes. What an amazing house. After a bit of a search online for some information on the house, I learned that architect John Edward Lautner designed it. The Schaffer house (a private residence) is considered to be a triangle modernist style — I'd never heard of this before. I was also thrilled to find out that it's located in Glendale, CA where we lived when I was young.

**Update** I just learned that the house is up for sale for $1.5 million. See listing. Wow, I wish!

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All architecture images from here and here.