the new old school : mayer hawthorne

It's hard to believe adorably geeky 29-year-old Ann Arbor, Michigan native, Mayer Hawthorne is the singer of these amazingly soulful and nostalgic songs. Just as his record label described it: "It's old (60s and 70s) soul but it's new."

I had the chance to see him and his band this weekend at Brooklyn Bowl. I must say, I was impressed. First of all, the entire band (The County) donned suits with white shirts, black neck ties and sneakers. In addition to his signature geeky glasses (love!), Mayer Hawthorne wore a white shirt, blue bow tie, navy cardigan, khakis and sneakers. SO adorable! They looked like boys from a high school band. I was surprised by how much energy Mayer Hawthorne had on stage. He was quirky and cheeky. The music throughout the show reminded me of all the old soul greats: Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Smokey, The Supremes. There were parts that even sounded like the Beatles and The Roots. It was a great performance both vocally and musically. Most of it made me want dance. Some of it gave me this uncontrollable urge to wear my vintage dresses, slow dance (oh, yes) and to make out.

I can't get enough of his debut album, A Strange Arrangement (available as a limited edition CD & 2 LP packaged with a 4-inch vinyl single) by Stones Throw Records. Go buy it. Today.

Mayer Hawthorne on MySpace.

My favorite song, When I said Goodbye (audio), his debut release.