xroads philippine sea salts

I was thrilled to learn about xroads Philippine Sea Salts™. I was born in the Philippines and natural sea salt was the only type of salt that I knew as a child. I still believe it is the best type of salt. I still recall seeing salt beds every time our family took a road trips to the beaches for summer vacations. There would be salt beds along side of the road for miles. I loved seeing people sweeping up the blanket of salt crystals left behind by the evaporating sea water at the end of the day. It's a type of farming that requires only manual labor. No machines or fossil fuels involved.

I love that xroads is out there sharing this hand-harvested, eco-friendly treasure to the rest of the world. The company is all about giving back to the local community and honoring everything that local farmers and artisans have to offer. The packaging that utilizes all local, plant-derived materials (such as woven nipa palm locally known as 'banig') is also beautiful and simple. It makes a perfect gift for friends who love to cook or as a housewarming gift.

Check their site for more info and to place an order. Thank you Nichole for the tip!