orbo novo (new world) by cedarlake

I was thoroughly moved by the CedarLake performance this weekend of Orbo Novo and was surprised by my reaction. It's a style of modern dance that I'm not as familiar with, it's not a style that I have studied myself. But what I witnessed on stage really blew me away. The dancers made me wish my body was as articulate as theirs. It made me want to study dance more than I do, that I should have studied it more throughout my life.

The piece explores a detailed account of a neuroscientist's own experience of having a stroke. There was a narrative, speaking parts interwoven with dance. It was innovative, moving and beautiful. The score was incredible and performed by an orchestra (live) behind a scrim which was at the back of the stage. Looking forward to seeing more productions by CedarLake.

Orbo Novo (excerpts) from Caleb Custer on Vimeo.