recovery : the farm spa (philippines)

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the Philippines in light of the recent flooding and devastation there. It's a country that doesn't have the means to recover or rebuild after so much loss. The suffering continues there and the media has all but moved on. It saddens me to think how the storms will affect tourism there as well.

I visited a place a couple of hours outside of Manila back in 2006. It's called The Farm Spa. One of my photos was recently featured on Amala's blog. I was inspired to share more. The Farm is a 48-hectare spa situated on a former coconut plantation. All the amazing food served is raw, organic, vegetarian and grown on-premises. They also produce their own coconut oil-based aromatherapy massage oils (which were yummy). It's such a beautiful place to get away, detox and relax. There are several options for accommodations. My favorite were the Sulu huts that we stayed in (below). I wish I could be there right now. I wish for those who lost their homes to take shelter and recover there.

My mom and I stayed in this hut below on the right :)

Daybeds by swimming pools are the best!

A beautiful, ancient mango tree is lit up by lanterns by night

A mini-pool and waterfall, I hung out here for a while... could have stayed forever!