maya lin : three ways of looking at the earth

If you've been following my blog, you may have seen previous posts on the work of artist/architect Maya Lin. I went to see a large-scale installations of hers this past weekend at the Pace Wildenstein gallery in Chelsea (22nd St. location) entitled Three Ways of Looking at the Earth. These works are related to the pieces shown at Storm King that I recently documented. They are also part of a larger collection of pieces entitled Systematic Landscapes.

The three pieces in the installation represent three different landscape topographies (two are based on real life landscapes and one imagined). They allow the viewer to walk through and experience landscapes and perspectives that we would otherwise not be able to see or experience. I was, once again, completely in awe. They are executed in such a beautiful manner. Her knowledge and love for both architecture as well as the environment are very evident here. It's difficult to describe just how stunning this was to experience. It's almost overwhelming. I believe this was her intent. I highly recommend seeing it for yourself.

Maya Lin: Three Ways of Looking at the Earth is showing until October 24th, 2009

Here's a list of other exhibitions of her work around the US. Also view a documentary on Systematic Landscapes below about her work (narrated by Maya Lin herself).